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James O'Malley - Friday, July 13 - 8 p.m.

ticketJames OMalleyA native of Brooklyn, NY, James O'Malley is a hugely talented lyricist and musician who writes knowingly of life’s foibles, triumphs and defeats and has toured colleges and coffee houses throughout the country. He delivers his songs in a subtle, whispering tenor that completely draws the listener into the story he is telling. Considered by many to be the consummate songwriter, O’Malley writes songs that take the listener on an emotional journey exploring family, relationships, human nature and the contemplation of life's choices. Critics praise his warm melodies, story-telling abilities and his way of charming audiences. O'Malley's songs are universal, often written with a subtle humor.

"With his memorable melodies, vivid lyrical imagery, and heartfelt delivery, James O'Malley carries listeners through a musical voyage of life experiences that they not only can't help but relate to, but indeed, willingly surrender to. Over the course of an hour or so, James' music elicits the same lumps in our throats, and smiles on our faces, that we've all experienced over many years. We remember the setbacks and the triumphs, the wisdom and the simplicity, the innocence and the longing -- but most of all, we remember our love and our passion. And it just doesn't get any better than that."   Todd Evans

"The Writer Remains" - One of the Top Ten Songs of 2016 - Staff Picks-John Platt- WFUV-FM

"There is real eloquence here.......a gifted songwriter poised at the threshold of a loftier position in the ranks of American singer-songwriters."   Ralph Ron DiGennaro (Music Matters Review)

To listen to some of James' music, click here.