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Jeannie Willets - Friday, June 8 - 8 p.m.

ticketJeannie Willets 1Award-winning singer-songwriter Jeannie Willets has been writing and performing her memorable songs for over three decades. Her perseverance and passion for writing, recording, and performing have kept her progressing through the years, gaining interest, recognition, and respect in the music scene , from fans as well as her peers. Her new CD, Souls Of Love, comes from a place of passion and perseverance, much like that of Jeannie's own journey throughout her musical career. A positive thread of never giving up weaves through several of the songs included in this work and Jeannie's hope is that Souls Of Love feeds the soul and fuels the passion that dwells deep within, just waiting for a reason to emerge and dance!

“She’s a tremendously appealing vocalist who could have had a career singing other people’s songs if she didn’t write her own. These are stately, aching melodies, often with jazzy turns throughout. She’s a seriously good melodist – the songwriter wisely providing the vocalist with some seriously good material. This is a beautiful collection of songs by a singer whose purity of spirit comes across on every track.” Paul Zollo - American Songwriter

To hear some of Jeannie's music, click here.