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Songs of Love and Other Traumas - Friday, Feb. 8 - 8:00 p.m.

heartsClaudia Jacobs croppedThe Claudia Jacobs Band returns to Grounds and Sounds for a Valentine's Day concert:  Songs of Love and Other Traumas.  Songs about love, and broken hearts as well.  All with that special CJB sauce!  

Instant Request Raffle!

As an added bonus, the Claudia Jacobs Band will also be doing an "instant request."  With a $5 donation, audience members can put the title of a song in the Instant Request jar before intermission (nothing too obscure, misogynistic, or obscene). The band will pick a winner and -- this is the fun part -- work it up during intermission! And then perform it as part of the second set.

Romance, humor, a touch of weirdness, great tunes, and rockin' performances!  Who could ask for more? 

Claudia’s amazing voice, her electric stage presence, and the band’s eclectic mix of musical styles have made the Claudia Jacobs Band one of Long Island's most popular performers. The Long Island Press calls Claudia “Long Island’s favorite soul singer” and she has also been described as an “Electric Lady with the Acoustic Soul.”

"It's rare that a voice grabs you and shakes you to the bone like when Claudia Jacobs takes the stage."  David Dircks, Acoustic Long Island

"Her personality, warmth and optimism... forge an immediate connection with her audience. --described as soulful and bluesy, her musical identity undergoes countless mutations."   Joseph Shortsle, The North Shoreian Magazine

"Claudia Jacobs mesmerizes the audience with her incredible voice, ballsy warm personality and songwriting prowess. She’s the professional and the old friend at the same time, and a joy to have both on and off the stage.”  Clara Iacopelli, Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts

"Clearly a woman with a musical message to deliver! Her deep blusey tones will reach straight into your soul. Surrounded by a group of talented musicians, each performance is a gift unto those who come to listen."  Susan Wahlert, Realmusik House Concerts

To hear some of the Claudia Jacobs Band's powerful music, click here.